What is NCKCN’s SMTP Mobile Service



Are you constantly on the move with your mobile device(s) and wish you could send messages with your NCKCN email account or NCKCN hosted Virtual Domain’s email account from any wifi access point or from any mobile data carrier?  If so, sign up today for NCKCN’s SMTP Mobile Service – It’s 100% FREE for NCKCN members who have email accounts associated with the “@nckcn.com” domain and only $10/month for those who have NCKCN hosted Virtual Domain email accounts!


To sign up, click/tap the link below that corresponds to you:

NCKCN members who have email accounts associated with the “@nckcn.com” domain: CLICK or TAP HERE

NCKCN hosted Virtual Domain email accounts: CLICK or TAP HERE


This service allows you to send your NCKCN email from anywhere in the world and from any device such as from any type of smartphone, iPad, iPhone, Android, or even when you are just traveling with your personal computer.  Since you are outside the NCKCN system/network, when you use these devices or are traveling, you cannot use the internal NCKCN system/network to send email, but with the NCKCN SMTP Mobile service, you can as it allows you to authenticate on your account and send.  NCKCN also offers Virtual Domain SMTP Mobile service for Virtual Domain members and non-members so they too can enjoy the benefits of sending from anywhere, on any email capable device using their own domain.


Once you have filled out the appropriate form and this service has been activated for your email account, simply follow NCKCN’s online guide on how to setup this service on your device:

NCKCN members who have email accounts associated with the “@nckcn.com” domain: https://support.nckcn.com/online-guides/nckcn-smtpmobile-email-settings/

NCKCN hosted Virtual Domain members and non-members email accounts: https://support.nckcn.com/online-guides/virtual-domain-smtpmobile-email-settings/



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