NCKCN SMTPMobile Email Settings



Use NCKCN’s secure SMTPMobile email settings for your mobile device(s) like the iPhone, iPad, Androids, HTC, laptops, etc…

If you connect up to the Internet through a different Internet Service Provider such as Verizon, AT&T, etc., these email settings are for you if you would like to continue to send email(s) with your NCKCN email account.


Incoming Server Settings:

• Email Server Name:

• Email Port: 110


Outgoing Server Settings:

• Email Server Name:

• Email Port: 465

• Ensure Authentication is on (You will need to authenticate with your NCKCN email address and password)

• Ensure SSL is on


For a full tutorial on how to setup your NCKCN Email Address on your mobile device, click/tap on the link below that matches what your mobile device is:


Please note that NCKCN’s secure SMTPMobile service may be a charged service since all mobile phones can be correctly configured by the mobile provider to send email from anywhere.  NCKCN is not responsible in any way to support your mobile device or your remote access with another provider.  The mobile device vendor and/or end user is completely responsible for technical support for their devices.  You must contact NCKCN if you wish to use the secure SMTPMobile service prior to use – Once you have done so and this service has been activated for you, you do not have to request it again if you change devices or locations.  The service resides on NCKCN’s server(s), not on your device.


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