What speed can I expect from my wireless connection?


The wireless “Speed” is based on the average download and upload speeds of all our typical users. Due to the nature of a wireless network, absolute speed cannot be guaranteed to all locations and all conditions. There will be times when your site will exceed the stated speed, and there will be times when your site possibly will not download at full speed. Typically we judge speed as conservative as possible so you are delivered at least the speed stated. We will do our utmost to ensure you are delivered the fastest possible speed you can get. Typical speeds depends on the package you have selected.

Radwin x4G JET Subscriber Speeds (Speeds up to but not guaranteed):

Standard package speeds: 10Mbps by 2Mbps (Download by Upload)

Supreme package speeds: 25Mbps by 5Mbps (Download by Upload)

Extreme package speeds: 50Mbps by 10Mbps (Download by Upload)

NextGen® WiMax Subscriber Speeds (Speeds up to but not guaranteed):

Basic package speeds: 3Mbps by 1.5Mbps (Download by Upload)

Premium package speeds: 6Mbps by 3Mbps (Download by Upload)


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