Can I subscribe to NCKCN’s Internet service without signing a 2 year contract?


Short answer: Yes.

However, NCKCN highly recommends that all new customers sign a 2 year contract. This contract usually includes NCKCN’s monthly special where new customers receive half off the equipment fee (among other great offers depending on which Internet package you select, and this includes being placed under a 2 year warranty). The remainder of the equipment fee will need to be paid in full up front.

To sum things up, instead of paying $600 up-front for equipment, you pay $300 up-front (again, dependent on which Internet package you select). Please note, this does not include the install fee nor your monthly bill.

So, those who do not sign a 2 year contract will need to pay for the equipment and installation fees in full and will not be placed under a 2 year warranty at the time of installation as well as pay their monthly bill.

Equipment Fee: $600

Installation Fee: $100

The above prices would be for any type of Internet package NCKCN offers if no 2 year contract is signed. Prices may vary.

Monthly Bill: Depends on the package you have selected, either $50/mo, $70/mo, or $90/mo.

If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to give our Office a call at: 785-738-2218


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