What do I need on my computer to get connected to wireless?


The Wireless Bridge can be connected to one and only one device. All broadband connections should be connected to a Broadband Router and will work perfectly with any Ethernet connection to act as a connection sharing device for an entire LAN. All you need on your computer or LAN is a working Ethernet connection. This means an internal Ethernet card and/or Ethernet LAN Hub/Switch. A wireless connection is simply an Ethernet connection to the wireless system. Any computer having a working Ethernet device or connection will work fine. All computers can be configured to use DHCP and will connect just fine. NCKCN DOES NOT use any internal PCMCIA wireless cards or proprietary setups on your physical computer, as they are prone to configuration errors, connection problems, and require a high amount of maintenance. An NCKCN wireless connection is very similar to a Cable Internet connection, requiring, again, only a simple working Ethernet device or connection on your end.


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