I can’t get my email. It seems to be stuck. What’s wrong?


Sometimes email gets stuck and you can’t do a thing about it but have me clear it out. The usual culprit is a spammer who knowingly sends unwanted email without an end-of-file character or EOF. I can’t for the life of me think why they do this except that they don’t care in the first place what problems they cause.

Spam is a real crisis on the Internet, and it wastes a huge amount of bandwidth and is an invasion of privacy. Unfortunately, legislation is slow about doing something about it. One of the security measures to prevent spammers is to limit the number of recipients that can receive an email. Another security measure is to make sure whomever has sent you an email is really who they say they are by looking to see that the reply address is legitimate. We also have the capability to block known spammer addresses. We do all of this to make your Internet life much more secure.

Sometimes you get just too much email packed into your account! It’s like never emptying your mailbox and the mailman just keeps stuffing and stuffing until it’s so wedged in, you can’t get anything out.

Possible reasons for this situation are:

• Changing the default settings of “deleting messages from the server” to “saving email on the server”. This is a bad idea all the way around. Not only can it cost you if you run over your storage, but it makes you, us, and the Internet download your messages each time; all of them!

• Non-use of your email account, thus having too many messages pile up.

• Someone sending large attachments on several email messages (our servers reject anything over 2MB per message).

• Usually we will attach your email as one document for you to read if it could be reused. Otherwise we would have had to “nuke” it completely.


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