I want to send someone a large graphic that is over 5MB. What do I use to send the graphic or make the graphic smaller?


First of all, a thank you is in order for your proper concern and understanding of email etiquette, and not attaching huge files.  You have a two part question:

The proper application to use to transfer files is FTP (file transfer protocol) which is a normal and established function of the Internet. Just like you can get different browsers for the web, or different email software for email; there are many FTP clients (software) available.  One of the best is FileZilla.  Simply read the instructions on how to use FTP, or look at our Support pages for information.  In fact, you have probably used the FTP protocol many times without even knowing it.  Web browsers mostly use FTP to download files to you.  A dedicated FTP client like FileZilla however, runs much faster.

The other part is sending the correct (smaller) graphic file format.  You really want to use a compressed format like “gifs”; or “jpegs” which are the file formats you view on web pages.  They are designed to be much much much much….well, you get the idea….smaller than a “raw” Windows bitmap, (.bmp, or .wmf) file.  Again, it’s just a matter of using the right tools for the job, and one of the best places to look to download an image editor or graphics application that allows you to change the format of graphics is on the Internet.

If you consistently need to transfer large files after you have compressed and do all you can to use the proper applications, and still they are larger than your allocated Internet space, we are more than happy to set up a “semi-public” ftp site, (in addition to your secure site for web pages if you have one), so you can transfer/share (in accordance to the policies of NCKCN which you will find in your web and ftp sites) files to your hearts content.  Your new FTP site cost runs in blocks of 100MB.  If you need a 100MB chunk, it’s $5/mo for each block, or for a 200MB block, it would be $10/mo, etc…If this sounds like the ticket, just drop the webmaster a note.

If it is pictures you need to share and these can get huge fast, you can use FTP, or there are sites on the web that are designed just for this, such as: snapfish.com.  These sites essentially use FTP for you, and post your pictures so the recipient can download them.


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