Can I use my email from anywhere?


Yes and No. You can check your email from any other place in the world, but you won’t be able to send out with a local email client such as Outlook Express. This is an anti-spam feature almost universal in use today. To check your email, all you have to do is set your email software to point to your NCKCN account and use the “” POP3 server settings. You must, however, use the SMTP server settings of your local ISP, or you will not be able to send email. You must obtain those server settings from your local provider. We also offer a Web based email solution where you can check and send NCKCN email from anywhere in the world, not just on the NCKCN system. You can use any Web browser to point your browser to  We also offer the NCKCN SMTPMobile service to allow NCKCN outside the NCKCN system to authenticate on the SMTPMobile server to send from anywhere on any device. Simply look at our SMTPMobile online guide for details.


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