I’m having trouble emailing my friend in Wichita. What’s wrong?


On the Internet, it doesn’t matter where someone lives, they may be connected anywhere and travel across the world to reach you. You need to give us information we can use to solve your problem. For example, to specify that I can’t get email from/to user456@hotmail.com is much more helpful. Having said this however, 99% of email errors are simply incorrect addresses. Email addresses have to be exact, as does your return address. No spaces, extra characters, periods, anything! If you are trying to email joeemailuser@somewhere.com, then your address has to be joeemailuser@somewhere.com. If the person you are emailing can’t reply to your messages, you probably have your return address incorrect. Lastly, if the message is returned to you, almost always it will have the reason for the failure. If it is never returned, probably the other end user has something incorrect. You know, the old “Return to sender” routine.


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