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Most, if not all, Samsung phones will display what type they are by simply flipping your phone over and checking the back of it. I say most because there are instances where the name of your phone may be scratched off or the name came off due to age and/or excessive use. If you have a protective case/cover on the back of your phone, you will need to take this off temporarily so that you can see the name of your phone on the back of your device.

If no name is listed on the back of your device, continue reading…

To find out what type of Samsung phone you have , simply search for your phone’s model number and enter the model number via the Samsung’s website.

To find out what your model # is on your phone, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your phone and/or wake it up.
  2. Tap the “Settings” app (The “Settings” app will be listed under the “Apps” app if you do not have the “Settings” app placed on any of your home-screens).
  3. Once in the “Settings” app, tap “System”. If your phone does not have the “System” option, ignore this step and move on to step 4.
  4. Look for and tap “About Phone”.
  5. Here you’ll see the phones model name or number. Location of the model # depends on your phone so you may need to scroll down a bit to locate the model #.
  6. Once you have your phones model #, visit Samsung’s website. If you continue reading, I have provided steps to take once on the Samsung’s website. You may jump to this section by CLICKING/TAPPING HERE.

Alternative ways to find out what your model # is:

Behind the Battery

If your Samsung phone has a removable back plate and battery, you’ll find information pertaining to your phone’s model number there. While some phones and carriers might list the phone’s actual model name, you might just find a model number. If this is the case, find the model name by entering “Samsung” and the model number into a search engine (such as: Google or Bing). Alternatively, visit Samsung’s support website and enter the model number to get more information about your phone, including its name. Before removing your phone’s battery or back cover, make sure you’ve turned the device off.

Bluetooth Settings

If your phone features Bluetooth connectivity, navigate to the device’s Bluetooth settings. Every Bluetooth device needs a name so you can pair it with other devices. The default name is often your phone’s model number. Take the name listed and enter it, plus “Samsung” into a search engine to find out which Samsung phone you have.

Box and Manual

If you still have the box the phone came in, you’ll find the phone’s name listed somewhere on there. It may be on the box itself, or on a sticker placed there by your service provider. Alternatively, the phone’s manual likely mentions the type of phone you have as well (or at least one would think it would).

Your Mobile Carrier

Visit your mobile carrier’s website and log into your account. You may be able to find information regarding your phone, including the model, on their website. You can also visit Samsung’s mobile site and browse through their available phones, visually inspecting them until you find one that looks like yours. If all else fails, call your carrier, they should be able to quickly identify your device for you.

Steps to take once on the Samsung’s website (As of: 12.30.2017):

  1. By default, you should be on the Samsung’s Support page if you clicked on the above link titled: “Samsung’s website”.
  2. Scroll down on this page a bit until you see the section titled: “Select your product type”.
  3. Located to the right of “Select your product type”, there is text that reads: “ENTER MODEL NUMBER”. Click/Tap it. A search field expands open and should be in focus. Simply type in your model number and press the enter key on your keyboard. An example of a model number is as follow: SM-G928V
  4. Doing so will redirect you to your phones page displaying to you what type of phone you have. You should now know what type of Samsung phone you have!


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