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NCKCN used to use a third-party service called AWStats to obtain website statistics for your virtual domain, however, this service is no longer available.

Instead, NCKCN now uses an alternative third-party (Google Analytics – a more advanced website statistics gathering service) to obtain website statistics for your virtual domain.  This service is available for NCKCN hosted WordPress websites only at this time.  We do not have a website statistics service for FTP websites at this time.

If you would like NCKCN to start tracking statistics for your virtual domain, please fill out the form and select “Yes” for Website Statistics on your preferred NCKCN web hosting package.  List of packages can be found here:

If NCKCN is already hosting your virtual domain but you did not select “Yes” for Website Statistics or if this option was not available for you during sign up, simply drop us an email to asking us to setup website statistics for your virtual domain – NCKCN will be happy to get things setup for you.  Information we will need from you includes: First & Last name, your primary email address along with your virtual domain name (or domain name) and then simply ask us to setup our website statistics service for your domain.


  • $10/month


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