NCKCN’s Co-Location Service



Announcement: — As of [08.01.2018]

  • Equipment storage at NCKCN’s data center facility is at full-capacity.  We apologize for any inconvenience as we are no longer accepting inquiries/requests at this time.  When or if space becomes available, this announcement will disappear.
  • To those currently leasing space, certain additional services such as: IP addresses are still available.  All other additional services are currently placed on hold at the moment due to limited space.

We thank you for your cooperation,

The NCKCN Administration team

NCKCN, at this time, has 1 Co-Location data center facility. It is located in Beloit, Kansas.

For those shipping their equipment to NCKCN, please ship to the following address:


109 N. Mill

Beloit, KS 67420

Once your equipment has been received, NCKCN will send you a confirmation email and/or give you a phone call to inform you that they have received your equipment and will setup/install it as soon as a technician is available. Once your equipment has been setup/installed, an additional email and/or phone call will be sent/given to you to inform you that you may start using your equipment immediately.

NCKCN Co-Location Packages include:

  • Plus Pack – Up to 5 IP addresses
  • Pro Pack – Up to 13 IP addresses
  • Elite Pack – Up to 29 IP addresses
  • Max Pack – Up to 61 IP addresses

Service Capabilities/Features:

  • Free setup
  • DNS Authority available
  • Secured & Monitored Data Center
  • Transfer Rate: 100Mbps
  • Network Uptime: 99.8%
  • Space Tolerance: Dependent on the package you select

NCKCN’s Space Tolerance meaning and definitions:

NCKCN’s Space Tolerance 4U and 8U means the space that will be provided for you to use within NCKCN’s own rack (your equipment in NCKCN’s 42U cabinet).  A “U” is 1.75 inches of vertical cabinet space within a 42U (6’1.25″ or 73.5″) cabinet.  Most data centers require that you pay for a minimum of half a cabinet.  But if you have a server that only requires 4U of space, then you would be paying for a lot of unused cabinet space.  You can have the reliability of a redundant data center while only paying for what your company needs!  Included with this, you’ll have the option to ship us your own equipment that we will rack and install for you.

  • 4U = 7 inches of vertical space
  • 8U = 1’2″ (or 14 inches) of vertical space

Additional Services for Co-Location Account Holders:

In order to obtain any additional services provided below, please give NCKCN a call at: 1-785-738-2218 or send an email to Customer Service

  • Remote Power Access
    • Any = $30 per month with a $350 (one time) setup fee
  • IP Addresses – (If adding IP spaces to an existing space, you must have the capability to bind separate IP subnets, or move the existing subnet to a new one)
    • 6 extra = $8 per month with a $10 (one time) setup fee
    • 13 extra = $15 per month with a $10 (one time) setup fee
    • 29 extra = $27 per month with a $10 (one time) setup fee
    • 61 extra = $48 per month with a $10 (one time) setup fee
    • 125 extra = $83 per month with a $10 (one time) setup fee
    • 253 extra = $141 per month with a $10 (one time) setup fee
  • Additional Space and Enclosure Space – (You must provide your own enclosure)
    • Small Rack (19″ up to 2.5′ tall) = $200 per month with a $50 (one time) setup fee
    • Medium Rack (19″ up to 4′ tall) = $300 per month with a $50 (one time) setup fee
    • Large Rack or Enclosure (Any rack over 5′ tall or any enclosure) = $500 per month with a $200 (one time) setup fee
  • Special Power Requirements – (Any electrical requirement aside from a single 120V 60Hz AC grounded outlet)
    • Any = $100 per month with a $150 (one time) setup fee



Michael Draemel is the Assistant Systems Administrator / IT Plant Manager for NCKCN. For more information about Michael, visit: Michael's Profile page.