How do I know how much email space I am using?


All NCKCN members get 100MB of space. You can send or receive an email up to 20MB in size. Be aware that an email with an attachment that is close to 20MB can compress and decompress to well over 20MB. If you have such a large file to send, it really is best to use another mechanism than email as explained in another FAQ.

To explain how the space limit works: If your email space limit is reached, email sent to you will be returned with a “Mailbox has exceeded disk quota” error. To make sure this doesn’t happen, simply keep downloading (checking) your email on a regular basis as you should do anyway. You won’t have anything to worry about. Again, since every time you do check your email, it empties out your email mailbox. If you are in the practice of abusing the email space limits, you might have to alter your practices and check your email more often. One thing to ABSOLUTELY NOT do is set your email to save a copy on the server. This is an incredibly bad idea, and one to surely fill your email space very quickly. You can’t use your Outlook Express to check to see how much email you have, because when you do check it, it simply downloads your email to you off the server. So, it’s kind of a catch-22 situation. However, you can use our webmail to check and send email from any web browser. Simply point your browser to:


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