How to stop or report Email Spam


Tired of getting spam (junk email)? NCKCN has added EdgeWave email filtering to fight just this. Our EdgeWave services are a combination of spam and virus filtering for your incoming email. While no system can provide 100% of filtering, this system has successfully removed 70-90% of unwanted emails in our tests. This service also holds filtered emails at a remote site, so you can scan through them in the rare occurrence of blocking an email you would want. If you do have a spammer getting through, you can attach a copy of it to an email and address it to “” to help them fight this scourge of the Internet.

For additional support, visit: EdgeWave’s Support pages.

Alternatively, as sending an attached copy to “” may take some time, you can always log into your personalized EdgeWave dashboard and add the spam email address to your “enemies” list. This list is also known as your “blacklist”. By adding email addresses to your blacklist (or enemies list), this too will help fight against spam that is directed (or sent) to you personally.

Below is a guide on how to do just this:

  1. Login to your EdgeWave Personalized Dashboard with your NCKCN email address and password.
  2. Once logged in, you will be on your “Messages” tab displaying all emails you received over a time period of either “2 Days”, “Week”, or “Month” that is considered to be spam (junk email). Navigate to your “Policies” tab (upper left-hand corner of your screen) and click/tap it.
  3. By default, the “Filter by Message Type” and the “Filter by Sender” section should be open. You will want to locate the “Filter by Sender” section and simply look for your “Enemies” list.
  4. Here you can type in the spam email address, or addresses, in the text field and once you have done so, simply click the “Green Plus” sign which looks somewhat similar to . This then places the spam email address into your “enemies” list – and your done!
  5. Once done, don’t forget to logout – this is located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


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Todd Tuttle is the System's Administrator for NCKCN as well as the Assistant Executive Director for NCRPC. For more information about Todd, visit: Todd's Profile page.